Sound meets art

Highest quality artfully refined

Quartz, also called rock crystal in its pure form, is and has been used for healing and religious ceremonies in many past and present cultures. Quartz is also considered the salt of our earth and contains silicon dioxide as one of the most common mineral components. The human body also consists to a large extent of silicon dioxide. This explains why crystal sounds resonate so well with people.

Our "SoundGalaxies®" Crystal Singing Bowls are characterized by their long-lasting sound that expands far into space. The sound power of quartz leads to highly effective vibrations. In this way our diverse Crystal Singing Bowls promote different processes of awareness and healing in people

30 years of experience in finishing and design

Each decor is unique!

The sound bowls are individually hand-finished in a special, multi-stage process by glass artist Patrick Roth. This produces fine satiny surface structures that, together with the sound experience, also create an additional unique visual appeal.