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From fascination to profession 

Dear visitors,

My name is Andrea Kerschbaum and I am the owner of the brand "SoundGalaxies®" Compositions in Quartz.

I had my first encounter with classical crystal singing bowls in 2005 and was immediately fascinated by their sounds. Shortly thereafter, I already owned eight crystal singing bowls of my own.

After that I worked intensively with the technique and application of my singing bowls. After some time I noticed shortcomings in the quality and manufacture of the singing bowls. This is how the idea of trying out the manufacturing process myself and the associated quality improvements was born.

I started to improve the quartz singing bowls on my own in cooperation with renowned German manufacturers. Over the years, the "SoundGalaxies" Crystal Singing Bowls were created in several development processes.

Today, I am the only manufacturer on the European continent and can now look back on international sales. Satisfied customers from Europe, USA and Japan confirm my path.

My brand "SoundGalaxies®" Compositions in Quartz continues to stand for quality at the highest level and innovative developments.

The company is located in Hausham in beautiful Upper Bavaria.

If you are interested in SoundGalaxies® products, please contact me.

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